Jumper In Handball
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Jumper In Handball

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Keywords: shot in handball, handball shot skills

The jumper is one of the nigh crucial elements of handball as in the back, centrifugal deportment are performed in particular weather with the comportment of players of the opponent squad and piece adhering to the regulations. Withal which areas can be controlled and are exploited to micturate the handball activity more effective? Olibanum we volition investigate the jumper in which handball is analyzed in its unlike phases to ascertain its efficiency.

The goals of the run, leap, spud are orchis speed and truth. Utmost orchis speed and preciseness is mandatory to belittle the opportunity of the opposing or end steward intercepting the blastoff. In squad handball, shot to grievance goals is one of the almost authoritative aspects of the plot. In club for a pellet to be successful, it moldiness deliver uttermost orchis speed and preciseness for an factor of storm for the netkeeper (Wagner & Muser, 2008). Wagner, Buchecker, Duvillard, and Mulller (2010) nation that 67% of nut speed at testicle dismissal was explained by the plus effects from the speed of cubitus lengthiness and interior revolution of the berm. So we part them into Access, Take-off, Bourgeon, State.

Logically speechmaking, the quicker the testis is thrown at the end the netminder volition sustain a lesser sentence to economise the blastoff. In gild for a bedevil to be successful, the highest speed at egg waiver conjointly aiming truth is mandatory thence during the gage, therefore the jock has to prolong with the optimum efficiency of these two factors (Zapartidis, Gouvali, Bayios, & Boudolos, 2007). Truth is something outlined as varying. We didn’t neediness to arrive go a close-system where the content keeps hit at the like blot. Hence in the analyzing execution level, we came out with a board to gauge the bailiwick throwing effectuality in playing the acquisition. Zapartidis, Toganidis, Vareltzis, Christodoulidis, Kororos, and Skoufas (2009) reported that players during the biz are notably unnatural by metre as aiming truth or ballock speed gradually reduction.

Altogether sports tasks, about coaches utilise octad biomechanical principles when analyzing their athletes (Bartlett, 2007). These 8 principles can be set-apart into two all-embracing categories. The leash canonic oecumenical principles; use of the stretch-shortening hertz, minimisation of vigor put-upon, controller degrees of exemption. The over-the-counter fin universal principles; successive activity of muscles, minimisation of inactivity, momentum coevals, maximising the speedup way, stableness. These utilise to sports tasks which are normally victimised by amphetamine coevals.

Nonetheless not all of the principles can be secondhand to utilise in every sportsman. E.g., the stableness is a one of the biomechanical rule which is applicable to sumo rassling. Whereas it is not applicable in the punt of handball, as thither is a lesser accent on having a blanket stand of keep for stableness when preparing for a blastoff (Knudson, 2007).

In handball, the biomechanical principles that can be applied are use of the stretch-shortening cycles/second, minimisation of zip exploited, restraint degrees of exemption, consecutive accomplish of muscles, minimisation of inactivity, pulsation propagation and maximising the quickening course.

The enlisting of apiece parting of the consistence is significant by allowing the maturation of maximum speed of these parts. This begins from the proximal parts so to the distal parts of the consistency. The bigger proximal articulatio starts the fulfill by accelerating, thusly a transport of impulse results in a heights speed to the littler distal joints. Apiece segments of the energising string is joined to the closure of the proximal contribution results in the gain of angulate speed (Pori, Bon, & Sibila, 2005).

When acting the injection, sure physiologic characteristics are interpreted into considerations. Hence, leastwise for about powerful groups thither should be the shortest potential sentence ‘tween denotation and compression for muscles byzantine therein form (Pori et al., 2005). Pori et al. (2005) terminated that wagerer players pee-pee use of extensors in the carpus ameliorate than worsened players.

Components of Acquisition

1. Advance (Runup)


We take thither bequeath be substantial differences to the velocity of egg waiver in our destination of science regarding to trunk altitude and personify burden ‘tween handball players of dissimilar functioning levels (Hasan, Reilly, Cablegram, & Ramadan, 2007). Are marvelous athletes meliorate than shorter ones? Hence we let anatomy. Taller handball players with greater trunk slant let the power to attain a higher testis discharge amphetamine (Wagner et al., 2010).

Maximising quickening track is a vital agent

Victimisation the work-energy kinship which shows that a moving aim is equals to study through. This is crucial for the handballer maximising use of the runup which to implement violence (Bartlett, 2007). Exploitation the convention: Speed/Clip Speedup for an growth in speed, quickening likewise increases.

2. Take-off Liaison

Maximise effect propagation is a decisive element

This is where the Lean, Swiftness, Meridian of Leap comes. Foster growth in amphetamine at take-off is compulsory by generating more impulsion hardly at take-off. Victimisation the impulse-momentum kinship where alter of impulse, I=Ft, increased in I= increased Force-out exerted on the earth breed by increased Metre of force-out. From an increased in F we get F=Deal of the jock breed by increasing Speedup of the jock. This motility requires beingness immobile and herculean at take-off.

4. Bourgeon

Successiveness of body spliff and muscleman aggroup in bedevil

Testis speed at testis dismissal was explained by the rundown effects from club of the proximal parts to the distal parts of the eubstance (Wagner et al., 2010).

Gamy dismission spot is a vital component

A high-pitched cubitus freeing spot requisite to engender lots speed. The clip of the take-off link would spot to immobile and flexible potency of the matter and indirectly impact the tallness of a stroke and bollock speed.

5. Demesne

Link with the primer is a vital element

Reduced power concluded a period by bend knees when landing to slenderize the signify brownie personnel which too can forbid encourage trauma.

Deterministic Simulation – Run, Startle, Pullulate

Chassis 1

Crucial considerations for videotaping the accomplishment

The points downstairs suffer been swell thought-out to minimise errors recorded during planar cinematography, so up the truth of all information (Bartlett, 2007). View and parallax errors were nonrecreational cautiously attending to.

1) Billet of camera

The camera is mounted on a frozen tripod, on a layer undercoat and aiming at the field. The camera is positioned as far outside from the activeness in club to concentrate view erroneousness. The field (FOV) is familiarised to mate with the functioning of the subjects which as is recorded. As this capitalise of the performer on the protruding picture and increases the truth of digitizing. Formerly the FOV is in office and it is unbroken invariable at all metre. The camera is located vertical to captivate the cause of the subjects, horizontal shell of 7m and erect character from the end billet. The set-up is shown under, Design 2.

Chassis 2

A job was pronounced out heptad meters from the goalpost and matter use the depart expanse as detail of alternate. The camera was office ten meters english-gothic to the deduct expanse.

2) Firing

Cinematography is through outside, a placement with a muffle and non-reflective scope was use to tolerate the jock and the egg to standout. This bequeath pass easier to tax the move patterns and biomechanics of the jumper. In counterpoint, if the setting or background was to be too vivid, the jock would be laborious to smirch.

3) Scope

The desktop is as full-strength as potential, uncomplicated and non-reflective as it provides a commodity demarcation which allows the showing and estimating of the axes of gyration from the content’s anatomic landmarks.

4) Shutter Upper

A shutter velocity of 1/2000 was selected as this shutter upper would allow dull motility playback and rest the gesticulate psychoanalysis appendage. Victimization a lour shutter upper would causa fuzziness when the tv is playback, piece a higher shutter speeding comes with a diminution in epitome character, hence fashioning psychoanalysis unsufferable.

5) Content Homework

The transcription of the drive is as unostentatious as potential. The matter is briefed that he is playacting ahead of a camera in an observational view and had niggling vesture to derogate errors in localization trunk landmarks. A verbal accept is obtained from the jock active in the psychoanalysis. The field was told to confuse the testicle as quick as potential into the net for the initial foursome shots. Afterwards which, he was minded coaching cues to chasten his proficiency and livery of the acquisition.

Results of the Videotaping Seance

The manlike content is a interior basketeer who trains pentad multiplication a https://typemyessays.com/ workweek (Height-189 cm; torso people – 82kg; age 20 4 geezerhood old). He does not sustain anterior receive to performing handball so is a suited prospect. In fiat to appraise the complete arm throwing operation, according to the External Handball Confederacy, (IHF), rules of the biz a touchstone handball was put-upon: (Perimeter 58-60cm and Angle 425-475g, IHF Sizing 3, for Men and Manly Younker (terminated age 16). The content was told to stroke as immobile as potential; no coaching cues were granted for the commencement iv shots. Thus we came up an rating of the timber of the executing attainment for the field in Tabularize 3.

Postpone 3







Optimum hurrying of tread and synchronised threatening of CG, Implementation is shine, in cadent

Planting of put-on leg accurately, take-off is upright, explosiveness

The cubitus is gamy and moving on peak of the mind, chastise use of successive sinew groups into the discombobulate, volatile finish

Country on take-off leg or on both legs simultaneously with knees turn


Middling too brusk or too farsighted pace, Implementation hush fluid, in cadent

Locating of charade leg instead far from the finish, take-off exit a picayune too onwards

The cubitus distillery moving low, proficiency of murder wagerer

Medium executing, with rebuff derange


Deficiency of swiftness, headlong sullen of CG, not in cadent, miserable murder, implementation is hapless

Position of pasquinade leg is too far from the end, take-off orientated too forward-moving, deficiency of explosiveness

Position of charade leg is importantly outside from the destination, take-off directed markedly onward

State on non-take- off leg, misfortunate murder

Fable: CG – heart of solemnity; Cross: one – Pitiable, two – Medium, ternary – Full

As for the kickoff quartet jumps shots, the matter attainted 10.6 ± 0.2 m/sec for the ballock speed at dismission. The pursuit are the results of the offset quartet startle shots, Mesa 4.

Tabularise 4






Totality Grade

























Attempts to springiness too many cues to the content bequeath "paralyse" the bailiwick. Afterwards rental him research the jumper on the initial iv shots, this clip the field was so told to aim for the top right tree of the goalpost, victimization the jumper proficiency. We gave him coaching cues to adjust his proficiency start from the runup formulate, take-off, germinate then preeminent to landing articulate, Postpone 5.

Tabularise 5

Vital Features

Coaching Cues


Issue a hanker 3rd footstep


Explosiveness-gain erect altitude

Optimise tallness of firing

Firing at the top

Lean of discharge

Standoff a semitrailer round

Plus of forces

Smooth-jump and film

Gyration of testis

Somersaulting carpus


Curve knees

The undermentioned are the results of the saltation shots with coaching cues minded to him in Tabularize 6. The bailiwick attainted an improved 12.6 ± 0.4 m/sec for the orchis speed at freeing.

Tabularise 6






Summate Scotch

























Qualitatively psychoanalysis

Valuation of functioning

Afterward fetching the television for the functional jumper, we comparison it to a elect jock jumper. Thither are a few features which are significant in the episode, the sew (3 stairs), the startle and the bedevil.

The hoist

The iii stairs sew testament cater the jock momentum for the jumper. As momentum = modification in impulse (Blazevich, 2007).

F.t = m.v – m.u

Impulse is the measure of movement demoniac by the trunk. Consequently a hoist is significant therein prospect. Subsequently judgement, we launch out that the field did a one measure hoist which did not make sufficiency pulsing. Thus the paygrade is hapless -good for the sew

Vital Features Paygrade

The stitch Pitiful

1 footmark sew

The saltation

The tallness of the jumping is set by a few factors, the weighting of the jock and the quickening.

F = ma

The understanding for the bend of the knees for a higher start is that the clock it takes for the athletes to forget the coldcock (Ruminator, 2009).

v = u + at

Vavg = s/t

Dare the leap stature is the like, the less meter, he takes to parachuting the like outdistance, the more speed the somebody produce, the higher the soul leave go. By catching the quad, leave stretching the sinew, by doing this, it is potential to start higher. The judgement for the field is poor-good as he did not crook his genu, and tidy his leg later that.

Decisive Boast Paygrade

Twist Knees Poor-Good

Tidy leg Hapless

Crook Stifle? Unbend leg?

The confuse

The fastness of the confuse is driven by the hurrying remainder and the metre it hold the nut to will the give. It is interchangeable to the possibility of the jumping, where the more outdistance and less sentence you return the quicker the nut testament traveling. The departure is that thither is a spin to the eubstance; thus thither is an angulate gesture thereto.

α= (ωf – ωf)/t

ω = Ө/t

Since the people of the testicle is the invariable. The lone component that can tempt the number of violence beingness exacted thereon is quickening.

T = I α (angulate)

Vital Features Evaluation

The retract Piteous – Effective

The implement Piteous – Goodness

Draw? Implement

Correcting the operation

The hale succession of the run befuddle bequeath be crushed to parts to instruct the issue.

Decisive Features



Remarks / Strategies

Coaching Cues

The hoist


The stitch bequeath be through in trey stairs, the content leave attack to issue leash full stairs to increase velocity.

Wide-cut Measure;

More Force-out

Crimp Knees

Misfortunate – Near

The topic testament mount the berth, with the knees crook earlier the start.

Diddlyshit more

Tidy leg


The matter leave startle and neaten the leg to increase more altitude.



The retreat

Pitiful – Full

The discipline volition try to pullulate with the parachuting. By pull the arm boost backrest.

Arc backrest;

Peal Berm

The implement

Misfortunate – Near

With the retire, the topic leave attack the implement with the like fulfil.


Vacillation arm


Thither are principally two factors in shot proficiency of handball, the low is amphetamine bollock speed of sprout, and the arcsecond element is that no crystallize anticipation of centering to aspire end steward. This feeler gives a near valuation on the kinematic construction in analyzing handball. Frankincense, this exemplar can be exploited in sleuthing the efficiency of the jumper. An examen of single’s info and its compare with the manakin permit us to name failing in the slaying of jumper. The use of biomechanical psychoanalysis perchance helpful in correcting or perfecting techniques, nevertheless the efficiency of the thespian in a gamey does not bet entirely on playacting a consummate kinematics construction during an set-apart examination surround.


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